Questions and Answers - World War I Centennial

Questions and Answers


Use the form below to ask any questions you may have regarding the National World War One Memorial Design Competition.  All questions will be answered by the Competition Managers, and posted on this page.  The source of the questions will not be identified. Please review the questions already answered below to see if your question has already been asked and answered before submitting your own.  As stated in the Competition Regulations, Section 2.4. Questions and Answers: All questions received in accordance with the Competition Schedule will be answered in accordance with the Competition Regulations. Upon publication by the Competition Managers, the Questions and Answers become official addenda to the Competition Manual.

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Q1: Will you consider dropping the 'fee' requirement or at least creating a 'STUDENT' discount!?Would you consider augmenting the entry fee as follows: 1) Students...........(Free)?

A1: Per section 1.4 of the Competition Regulations, "An entry fee of $100 must be paid for each Design Entry at the time of submittal." No reductions or waiving of fees will be made for any entry, regardless of the source of entry.

Q2: Please kindly let us know how do we register towards participating in WW1 Memorial Competition that you are holding, please and also is their any competition fee for entering the competition?

A2: Registration is not required. Refer to the Competition Manual for information on participation; specifically sections 1.4 and 1.5 of the Competition Regulations address the entry fee and electronic submittal requirements.