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Commission Opens WWI Memorial Design Competition

By Jim Garamone
DoD News, Defense Media Activity

WASHINGTON, May 13, 2015 – The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission is opening a design competition for the national memorial that will be built here.

The memorial will be built in Pershing Park -- right on Pennsylvania Avenue between 14th and 15th street Northwest.

Pershing Park honors General of the Armies John J. Pershing, the commander of the American Expeditionary Force during World War I.

The congressionally approved memorial will commemorate American sacrifices during what came to be called simply “the Great War.” America entered the war April 7, 1917, and fought through to the armistice Nov. 11, 1918. The U.S. military suffered 116,516 deaths during the war and 204,000 troops were wounded.

Honoring Service Members

The commission wants any memorial to highlight the contributions of the average service member who fought in that war, Commission Vice Chair Edwin L. Fountain said last year.

The design competition formally begins May 21. The competition rules will be posted at the World War I Commission’s website.

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US World War One Centennial Commission Announced international Design Competition for World War I Memorial.

May 21, 2015
Washington, DC

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