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World War One Historical Resources

Looking for more historical information on World War One? The organizations and web site listed below hold a wide array of resources for the scholar, student, or anyone interested in finding out more about this critical period in American and world history. 

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DoDLive: Remembering Those Who Served in WWI

Department of Defense page that looks back at World War 1, and the U.S> military service members who fought and died to preserve freedom, liberty and justice for all in The Great War.

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Links to Web Sites that focus on World War One and the Centennial Commemoration

"The events of 1914 through 1918 shaped the world,
the United States, and the lives of millions of people."
from The World War One Centennial Commission Act, January 14, 2013

To add your organization to one of these categories, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the relevant information. (See disclaimer.)